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Participant (Oral Presentation)                       $250
Participant (Video Presentation)                    $250
Participant (Listener)                                      $150
Poster Presentation (with attendance)          $200
Poster Presentation (without attendance)     $150
Student (Oral Presentation)                              $150
Student (Video Presentation)                          $150
Student (Listener)                                          $100
Accompanying People                                   $150

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During the ICAEEdu 2018 you will be able to enjoy Puerto Iguaz˙? And Itaipu Binacional?
A Social Program will be published in due course.

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Cancellations/Changes and Refunds: Fees will be refunded, less a $50.00 processing fee, if
cancellation or change resulting in a refund is received in writing no later than May 5th,
2018. After that date, fees are non-refundable. All refunds will be processed after the
conference. Substitutions are allowed at no charge.

Payment Method:

The Payment of the registration fees will be made using PayPal (all people)
and a special form for Brazilian people. The instructions for payment will be emailed in due time.